Inter-National Foundation Corporation is a publicly supported Section 501(c)(3). organization entitling you to the maximum charitable contribution deduction. Our diverse funding pro-grams are among the most tax effi-cient in the nation while remaining responsive to each individual's and family's financial and tax planning needs.

Our Mission:

Inter-national Foundation Corporation (INFC) is dedicated to honoring and supporting children and families in crisis. We will seek out and identify new areas of need in the community. We are committed to providing physical, tangible economic, emotional and spiritual support to those who cross our path in need.

Projects Supported

“In order to assure that we address each need in the most efficient manner Inter-National Foundation Corporation will sometimes initiate a new program where none is otherwise available or, alternatively, we may provide funding to established organizations which are already equipped and staffed to address the particular need that you bring to our attention”

Contact Us
Inter-National Foundation Corporation
2720 Airport Drive, Suite 100
Columbus, Ohio 43219
Phone (614) 418-1811

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